What are our clients saying about us?

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-      Jullion, CEBG, far exceeded our expectations. Barham Associates, LLC (BA) would not be enjoying such a smooth entrance into the corporate business world without the guidance provided by Jullion and his amazing team. We barely launched and had client's requesting our services. A++ all the way! Thanks CEBG!
-      Vicki Barham, Founder/President, Barham Associates, LLC, Stafford, VA

-       "My vision was always to be a business owner. However, I knew nothing about starting a business. After speaking with Jullion of CEBG about my vision, within weeks it was a reality. CEBG created my website, business plan, marketing flyers, and my company logo. CEBG always exemplifies professionalism and are available to offer great advice on growing my company.  They have made my transition to a full time business owner a breeze. I have no regrets!!"
-       Katrice Gaither, Founder/Owner, KG Paralegal Company, Washington, DC
“Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! I looked up and said, it’s a bird! It's a plane! But no...it was superhuman Jullion Taylor, CEO Capitol Enterprise Business Group, LLC. Jullion grew up in Federalsburg and went on to greatness in the U.S. Navy and the business world. Like a gift from God, I met Jullion who told me he wanted to come back and give back to the town he grew up in. Give back he has, is and will. Benefactors of his brilliance are non-profits, businesses, municipalities and our youth. Grass does not grow under Jullion's feet. Be careful what you ask or wish for. Jullion will make it happen and happen fast. He moves mountains in minutes and Federalsburg is so blessed to have his help, support and knowledge. God bless Jullion Taylor.”
-       William Beall, Mayor, Town of Federalsburg, MD
“Mr. Jullion Taylor and his staff at Capitol Enterprise Business Group made the impossible possible.  As a woman entering the predominantly male field of craft beer brewing, Jullion always saw my capabilities and challenged me to focus on them.  CEBG is more than just a business development consulting firm, CEBG is a firm that stands firm in the midst of what can be a sea of chaos, also know as the business startup phase.  Thank you Jullion for your tireless efforts and friendship.  Cheers!"  

-       Gayle Galbraith, Founder/Owner, The Federal Brewing Company, Federalsburg, MD

“It has truly been a pleasure working with Jullion. He and his colleagues are very knowledgeable and taking me from a household, one person business to something I can pass on to my children. I am so excited about what the future holds.”

-       Shoshana Riley, Founder/Owner, NShape, LLC, Upper Marlboro, MD

​"CEBG has done more than just helping me start my company, they changed my life. When I first met Jullion Taylor, I just wanted him to help me with my music career. He gave me the motivation, confidence and determination to not just sit around and wait for success to come to me but to go after it. In only six months, Jullion has helped me start my own record label, website, recruit talented artists, setup a new artist tour and distribution deal. This has by far been the best experience of my life. Thanks CEBG!!!!"

-       Eric Cunningham II, CEO/Founder, Burn Unit Entertainment, LLC, Easton, MD